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Dragon Seed: Chapter One

Dragon Seed is being released on the 28th February – that means it’s preview time! Pre-order Dragon Seed here: Amazon (All Stores) Chapter 1 The coughing fit kicked me upright before I was even awake. Strangling, eyes throbbing from the pressure in my...

Zero Sum Preview!

Hitmage Alexi Sokolsky used to sling spells for the Russian Mafia. That was before the man he loved was murdered, before his boss tried to turn him into his vampire slave, and before he learned about the Organizatsiya’s dirty trade in supernatural children. He’s still a hitman – but now he hunts monsters.

Zero Sum and The Persistence Game

Fiction is hard. It’s not neurosurgery-hard or engineer-hard or even bricklayer-hard, but it is far more difficult than most aspiring writers are able to handle. Some people have a natural gift for spinning yarns, and that is the limit of what...

The State of Affairs

Let’s face it: shit’s fucked. I foresee a future where the creation of art may be suspended while I’m spending more time away from my keyboard. Until then, I’m balls out on the third and fourth book in the Hound of Eden series. Speaking of shit...

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