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  1. There is a fine line between rakish and douchey: the fedora must be worn at an angle to be stylish, but not at a Kayne West angle. Absolute douchiness is to wear a fedora with a vest or t-shirt. I will never do this, and neither should you.
  2. Wearing a fedora with a long coat and a suit, on the other hand, is apparently awesome (see #5 and #6 below).
  3. Most people do not know the difference between a fedora and a trilby. You are frequently required to educate them in public, loudly and with great indignation.
  4. People seem to automatically give you space when you wear a fedora. I am unsure if this is proportionate to the size of the brim.
  5. Both men and women seem inclined to open train doors for you when you wear a fedora, even during the morning rush. I’m yet to fully understand why.
  6. Fedoras bring both the ladies and gentlemen to the yard. My hat apparently has some kind of magic panty-and-boxer elastic loosening ability. This may be related to the train-door opening thing and could also be proportionate to the size of the brim.
  7. People may assume you are a rabbi or a priest. This is less likely if the hat is angled to a suitable degree of rakishness.
  8. If you take it off and mime throwing it at passersby, they will flee in terror. This may be because they’re worried that you’re a Bond villain.

This is basically always true.

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