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God Has Heard

Nephilim are the super-weapons of the future, hapless pawns in an unending trench war between two great super-nations: the theocratic, totalitarian state of the UNAC, and the techno-socialist Pacific Alliance.

The Samuel-226 PatriotRangers are one of the most successful units in the Holy Legion of the UNAC. They have never lost a man, until one of their brothers, Twofer, disappears during a training exercise. The Host, self-proclaimed reincarnations of Christ, tell them that Twofer has been Saved and taken to Yetzirah, the promised land of the Nephilim.

This, like many things the Host tells its slaves, is a lie.

God Has Heard is military science-fiction told up close and personal: a dark war story of martyrdom and ultimate triumph, brotherhood and dignity in the face of total oppression. With echoes of 1984 and Saving Private Ryan, it is a short, intense, thought-provoking read.

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