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Blood Hound

“One of the first things every new mage learns about magic is that—despite your newly discovered powers over the universe—you are forever a struggling speck of krill in a very large, very cold, very dangerous ocean.”

My name is Alexi Sokolsky: blood mage, occult scholar, and hired killer. Three things that should convey me some immunity in the dog-eat-dog world of the Russian mafia. Fat chance. I think too much, drink too little, and if there’s one thing the underworld teaches you, it’s that there’s always a shark bigger and hungrier than you are.

Life gets tough after a man turns up dead in our territory, his mutilated body scrawled with demonic sigils. It gets tougher again when a key ally of my Organizatsiya is kidnapped by a secretive death cult… and I’m sent like an errand boy to hunt them down and bring him back.

Then I get captured, nearly killed, and am immersed in a sea of cosmic horror the likes of which I’ve never known. The stakes are nothing less than the life of GOD Itself… and it’s calling to me for help.

My name is Alexi Sokolsky: blood mage, occult scholar, hired killer, and hapless pawn in the great game between Everything and the NO-thing trying to destroy it.

All books in this series:

Blood Hound (#1)

Stained Glass (#2)

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