How about we fucking stop calling refugees ‘migrants’?

How many dead will it take for Australia and other smarmy rich western nations to stop calling the millions of displaced Syrians, Yazidi, Iraqi and other peoples ‘migrants’ and call them what they really are?


Say it with me. REFUGEES.


Yes. People. Refugees. Civilians who are fleeing because they cannot defend themselves. People who went to school and eat take out meals after work because they’re too tired to cook, and help their partner wash the bathroom on weekends, and who have kids and pets and aren’t here to ‘take our jobs’ – you know, the ones that are always being sent to places where there are no significant labor laws when it suits the whims of a corporation so some pasty white bastard can play more golf on the weekends.

They are not ‘looking for a better life’. They’re looking for any life at all. They’re trying not to drown or starve or be blown apart.

They are accountants. Soap makers. Students.

They are not fucking MIGRANTS. They aren’t ‘boat people’. They’re not illegal. They’re refugees.

Behold this whining, sneering little shitstain: ‘Abbott: toddler’s death a reminder of need to ‘stop the boats’

Abbott, you are a piece of human shit. I don’t know you – and I don’t ever want to know – beyond saying that I hate you. I hate the warmongers and the white-collar sociopaths and gun nuts and apocalyptic hypocrites and dictators. I hate you all, and I hate your systems and your religions, and I hate everything you have done to the refugees of the world.

If you want to help refugees, check out

I usually donate through UNICEF, but this seems like a good program.

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