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Stained Glass (Hound of Eden: Book 2)

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A fractured community. Bodies full of shattered glass. A broken mage, stripped of his power.

While Alexi Sokolsky is hiding on the streets from the Russian Mafia, twenty supernaturally-gifted children are kidnapped from a foster home. Their adoptive parents, leaders in New York’s shapeshifter community, are brutally murdered by someone – or something – with incredible magical and physical power. Frustrated by weeks of botched Government investigation, the werecreatures of New York City are searching for an Occult expert capable of doing the dirty work the police cannot. Someone like Alexi: currently ex-magus, hitman, and reluctant finder of lost children.

A chance meeting results in Alexi joining forces with the shapeshifters against a mutual enemy, but street justice is rarely as simple as putting a bullet through someone’s head. Backed up by a biker gang of were-cats and a disturbingly attractive Biomancer, Alexi must recover the kids and regain his magic, a dangerous and deadly mission that will test them all to the limit.

Awesome book!

I cannot begin to say enough about this book except to give you a warning: do not, do not, DO NOT open this book AT ALL for ANY reason unless you have the time to finish it right then and there. I had all kinds of plans for the day including cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and aggravating -oops, I mean spending time with my kids. None of which happened because I bought the book on kindle, made myself some lunch, and thought, “I’ll read a couple of chapters while I’m eating.” Silly me.

Time stopped. I read the entirety. By the time I was done, I had a full bladder, was thirsty and hungry, and was stiff jointed from sitting in one place while riveted in Baldwinia. And nothing else got done that day. The end.

So, my advice is, absolutely please please buy this book. You will be in urban fantasy/horror nirvana. Just make sure you have the time slice necessary to devour the book in one sitting.

A Very Satisfied Amazon Customer

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