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Fix Your Damn Book!

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Have you finished a novel manuscript? Wondering what to do next?

Fix Your Damn Book! is a self-help manual for writers who have finished a manuscript – a novel, novella, short story, or serial – and who want to self-edit their work to a professional standard and get it on the market.

In this instructional and occasionally hilarious book, James Osiris Baldwin – an author and editor with over 8 years of experience as a freelance and staff editor – explains his technique for painlessly and successfully polishing your manuscript to a perfect glow.

Fix Your Damn Book! will guide you through:
– The seven essential components of successful editing
– Getting into the right headspace to edit your own work
– Objectively diagnosing problems in your manuscript
– The secrets of developmental editing and line editing
– Hacks for sharpening your story, character, and dialogue
– Grammar, spelling, punctuation, passive voice and tense
– Recruiting and making the most out of your first readers
– Proofreading and publishing your finished book

If you want to write faster, edit stronger, master the craft of storytelling, and ensure your book is something to be proud of before you put it on the market, Fix Your Damn Book! is the how-to book for you.

Do it. Buy it. Read it. Read your work. Cry. Edit. Cry. Edit more. Repeat.

Would you like to fix and polish your work as much as possible before sending it out to an agent or publisher? No?…What do you mean, “No?” Move along citizen, this book is not for you then. Oh, you would? You want to make it as clean as possible and yield a, “Shiny,” from Captain Tight-pants? Excellent, this is the one for you. This won’t replace an editor, but, it will teach you how to systematically break down your novel in chunks and by editing methods to clean it to the stage where you can query an agent if you wish, or, send it out to beta readers for further testing and check ups on things like plot and more. It’s an invaluable resource. Never treat your manuscript like an email or facebook comment. Read, reread, and edit it well. Remember, in the professionally published world, your MS is your representation. Make it count. Make it clean. Keep it safe..erhm…edited. Get this now.

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