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Blood Hound (Hound of Eden: Book 1)

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Alexi Sokolsky is not your everyday hitman. Witty, intuitive, and fiercely intelligent, he is also a mage capable of shattering wards with his voice and the power of his will.

However, arcane ability comes with a price: The same powers that make Alexi indispensable to the Russian Mafia also make him a social outcast, an object of fear and superstition. When a high-ranking Sicilian Mafioso is sacrificed to the Demon of Feuds and dumped on Russian territory, the Russians blame the only mage they know – Alexi. Forced to play detective to clear his name, Alexi discovers that the gruesome sacrifice is only the opening move of a very dangerous game. Every underworld mage in New York City is on the hunt for a Gift Horse, a mysterious creature rumored to carry the secrets of all creation in her flesh and blood… a creature who is calling to Alexi for help.

The Russian Mafia is an unforgiving master. If Alexi heeds the Gift Horse’s call, he stands to lose everything. If he doesn’t, the world will be held hostage by whoever finds her first – and given that a demon-summoning murderous psychopath is in pole position, the odds are not in the world’s favor.

Magic, mafia and mystery come together in the first installment of the Hound of Eden Supernatural Thriller series.

One of my favorite books this year

Easily one of my favorite reads in the last few months. If you’re looking for something dark, gritty, full of magic and feels, get this book. I’m going to read it again, probably several times over. I was skeptical when I picked it up but by the time I made it through the first chapter (which was heart poundingly exciting) I was hooked. I was on social media raving about this book within hours of picking it up and the only reason I waited that long was because I had to force myself away from it.
Why are you sitting there still reading this review? Buy the book already! Before the second one comes out!

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