James Osiris Baldwin’s Art

I’m an artist as well as a writer, and my visual work is very closely tied to my storytelling. This page showcases the best of my art from 2014-2016.

The Gardener of Seoraksan: a handsome Korean trans man smoking a cigarette

The Gardener of Seoraksan

Seung Min-Joon is a Biomancer,
a life mage and Hound who goes by 
the nickname Angkor.
He is a mysterious character in
Stained Glass: sensuous, evasive,
and wise beyond his apparent years.

Ayashe Williamson

One of the shapeshifter elders of New York,
Ayashe Williamson is invested deeply
into the VIgiles Magicarum, the
supernatural branch of the FBI.
But does she really know who
– and what – she’s fighting for?

Vera 'Deadshot' Akhatova

Simultaneously one of the most
terrifying characters in Hound of Eden
and one of the most tragic.
Vera is as much a victim of
Sergei’s toxic Mafiya as Alexi is.

The White-Eyed Hound

Always intimidating, often shy,
deeply repressed but frequently insightful,
Alexi is the unlikely hero of
the Hound of Eden novels.

This short, gay, Ukrainian mage
has occupied my imagination for over 10
years in one form or another. He is the
embodiment of my Promeathean,
catalytic experiences. To be a Hound
is to submit to the gravity of reality
and to allow change to overcome you.
Alexi may not be ‘good’, but he is
fearless when offered the
opportunity to grow.

Time Moves So Slowly When We're Apart

A primary villain
from Stained Glass onwards,
The Deacon is unequivocally one of my favorite
characters in the series.

The Deacon is a Temporalist,
a powerful mage who can control time,
manipulate probability, and see the
future – and the past. The strain of
seeing these things – the many deaths
he could suffer, the many outcomes of
his actions, the eventual demise of
humankind by its own hand, the
rise of machines or wasteland – weigh
on him so heavily that he cannot bear
to stand by and do nothing.

He wears a flat mask with only a mockery
of human features. The symbolism is
easy to discern, but the reasons why he is
masked this way are not so transparent.

It’s entirely possible he loves Alexi:
insofar as any narcissist can love

Alexi and Vassily: 1986

Alexi always looks like a mannequin in photos,
no matter what he does to try and
seem more human.

Vassily, on the other hand,
takes modelling lessons from
Zoolander. Синя сталь!

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